We help you to scale your business in germany!

We support our clients with strategic business consulting in order to scale functioning business models systematically and sustainably. As established serial founders, we maintain close collaborations with industry leaders in all relevant sectors – In Berlin and across Germany.

Strategic alignment


Start-up consulting

Even before the start-up, the right course must be set to protect profits from missteps such as unnecessarily high tax burdens. We advise on everything from start-up support to a successful exit.

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Choice of legal form

Depending on your business model, the optimal legal form lays the foundation for your company. Liability, taxes, growth opportunities – all these issues need to be considered. We support you in this long-term decision.


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Location selection

In some situations your company is locally bound and in others not. Prestige and image due to a well-known location have to be weighed against a higher tax burden. We show you the advantages and disadvantages and discuss possible scenarios.

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Internationalizing your company can bring significant advantages. From lower labor costs to low corporate taxes. We can help you expand into advantageous neighboring countries, especially Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

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Only the best for your company! Over the past decades, we have built up an extensive network of the best lawyers, notaries and tax consultants. Save yourself the search and work directly with renowned industry leaders.


The digitization of our economy offers huge opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the pressure of competition is increasing. As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to set the right course for your digital growth today so that you do not miss out on this technological development of our time.



We support you in the conception and implementation of a holistic corporate strategy that encompasses all areas of your company. In doing so, we focus on the digital possibilities.


From the development of a central corporate philosophy, which determines your entrepreneurial actions, to the identification of your actual added value, which you deliver to your customers.



Starting from these fundamental questions, we develop a concrete action plan of digital measures. We dissect your market, analyze your competitors, review your current web presence and adapt it to your new strategy. From the automation and digitalization of any operational process to digital customer acquisition – we get you ready for the next decade!


Advice on company acquisitions

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Buying an established business can kick-start your entrepreneurial career. But there is considerable potential for error. We have carried out numerous company acquisitions. Based on our experience we analyze the possible targets and support you in the decision making process.



Due Diligence

Classical due diligence takes place in a purely accounting and theoretical manner. Risks that cannot be captured with figures are often not recognised by tax advisors and lawyers. We regularly discover such risks by conducting on-site audits and taking the “human” factor into account.
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Years of experience

We are established entrepreneurs who have gained many years of experience in founding different companies as well as in management consulting. We want to share this experience with you so that you can grow faster.

Economic expertise

Our many years of experience as entrepreneurs and consultants enable us to support you in all entrepreneurial decisions: From the creation of your business plan to growth strategies and business valuations.

Own experience in entrepreneurship

We are not dry theorists, but genuine entrepreneurs and serial founders. Some of our companies employ 30 people and generate 7-digit revenues. Get a head start with our experience and expertise!

Established across borders

Our entrepreneurial experience is not limited to Germany. We have also conquered foreign markets, founded companies abroad and accompanied transnational M&A transactions.

Tech affinity

We are experienced in dealing with tech and use digital measures for the efficient design of acquisition and sales, accounting, organization, etc. - Use the technical possibilities of the time to the fullest extent.

Digitized consulting

Save yourself annoying travel times. Focus on your business. Our consulting is location-independent and digital. Thanks to flexible scheduling, we can adapt to you. Not the other way around.



01 Which management consultancy do you offer?

We offer comprehensive business consulting services from start-up to scaling and internationalization. Using our expertise, tech affinity and network, we help you take your business to the next level at every stage.

02 How can my company be optimized through digitization?

Digital technologies can make your business more efficient in every area. From customer acquisition to accounting and internal organization to processing customer orders, the possibilities are almost endless. We find the right technical means to accelerate your growth and make your business more efficient.

03 Can you help me with setting up a company abroad?

Definitely! We have already founded several companies abroad and have an international network of renowned tax consultants, lawyers and experts at our disposal. We would be happy to assist you in relocating or opening up foreign markets.


04Can you advise me on the expansion to Germany?

That is also possible. The German market is attractive and in many areas there are too few providers. We can support you with the foundation, establishment and scaling. Thanks to our extensive network of specialists, such as tax advisors and lawyers, we can also help you get to grips with the legal complexities of Germany.

05I am a founder and have no idea about numbers. Can you help me?

That’s what we are here for! Many entrepreneurs are creative and specialists in their business, but have no interest in accounting topics. This is exactly why we have developed our strategic accounting, which enables you to use the potential of your company’s finances with minimal effort.



We regularly see wasted profits among our clients due to a disadvantageous corporate structure. If you finally want to have an advisor at your side who advises you and not the other way around, we should get to know each other. We think for you – far beyond management consultancy.

Steffen Siesing

Managing Director of the BilanzManufaktur


We regularly see wasted profits among our clients due to a disadvantageous corporate structure. If you finally want to have an advisor at your side who advises you and not the other way around, we should get to know each other. We think for you – far beyond management consultancy.


"Very friendly advice. Well dealt with the individual situation and therefore left with a good feeling after the appointment. Very quick, problem-free and prompt appointment. I can definitely recommend Steffen von Bilanzmanufaktur in terms of business advice and wealth management!"

Christian S.