We help you to more wealth through active asset building!

Our financial and legal system offers incredible potential for wealth creation. As an entrepreneur, there is often not enough time to devote to this complex topic. Therefore, as part of our wealth management, we help busy entrepreneurs to build up assets systematically and sustainably with the given conditions.



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Real Estate Strategies

Based on your goals, we develop an individual strategy with you for building up wealth with real estate. Location, legal form, ROI and value development are just as important factors as asset protection, succession planning and exit strategy.

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Succession planning

The planning of entrepreneurial or asset succession is often neglected. However, it is important that one’s own life’s work is handed over to worthy hands in a financially advantageous manner. We support you in this process.

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Investment Consulting

Based on your financial goals, we create an investment plan. Your risk type is taken into account and diversified accordingly. In order to realistically achieve your goals, we also calculate costs and tax burden.


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Expertise in real estate

We have designed and implemented numerous real estate strategies for our clients. From the first investment amount to the successful exit, you have experienced investors at your side.

Various successful Fix & Flip

The fix & flip approach is still attractive in Germany and other EU countries. Cheap real estate is acquired, renovated and sold at a profit. And with considerable margins!

Knowhow for tax savings

There are numerous tax-efficient loopholes hidden in the real estate sector that can be used legally. We know them and use them to your advantage.

Own construction team

Reliable craftsmen and partners are elementary for the realization of real estate investments. You are welcome to use our well-rehearsed construction team, with whom we continuously realize profitable projects.

Excellent network

Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of well-known lawyers, notaries, tax consultants and international construction companies, which we are happy to share with you.

Advanced trainings

The best strategies of the real estate sector are often revealed only in the context of expensive advanced training. We know these strategies and apply them regularly. You will learn them in the course of our consulting.



01 What does wealth management mean?

The term “wealth management” is used inflationarily by numerous players.

We understand it to mean the training and thereby empowerment of the entrepreneur to build sustainable wealth, multiply it and ultimately pass it on to a successor.


We focus on our proven real estate strategies but also other investment vehicles such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, precious metals and more. Our passion lies in showing you the myriad of options on the path to financial independence and working with you to develop a customized strategy.


As a “Family Office Light”, we offer a service that is normally only available to millionaire entrepreneurs. In this way we democratize wealth management for SMEs and freelancers.

02 I haven't been an entrepreneur for long, when should I start building wealth?

There is no reason to delay your wealth accumulation any longer. Even if you only have small amounts available, it pays to start piecemeal. Often, as part of our accounting and business consulting services, we can show our clients ways to free up capital flows and use them to invest.

03 Do you follow your own recommendations?

Absolutely. We do not recommend any strategy that we have not successfully implemented ourselves. Every investment instrument we recommend to you is in our own portfolios and has worked for us on a sustainable basis.


04 Do you receive commissions?

No, we don’t think much of commission-based investment advice because we see the potential for conflicts of interest here. That’s exactly how science sees it. Our consulting is 100% fee-based. We convince with performance and would like to bind you as a client in the long term.


05 What will such a collaboration with you look like?

Wealth management is a long-term process. Therefore, it has to fit on many levels. In an initial meeting, we would get to know each other and talk about your goals, values and vision. You must be willing to disclose information about your finances, income and businesses.


Only then can we develop a strategy and determine if a cooperation makes sense. If our proposal appeals to you, the contracts will be drawn up and signed. We will quickly start the process of building your wealth.


We would like to show you your potential for wealth creation. In a non-binding conversation we can determine whether our approaches fit you. We could already inspire many clients for us!

Steffen Siesing

Managing Director of the BilanzManufaktur


We would like to show you your potential for wealth creation. In a non-binding conversation we can determine whether our approaches fit you. We could already inspire many clients for us!


"Very friendly advice. Well dealt with the individual situation and therefore left with a good feeling after the appointment. Very quick, problem-free and prompt appointment. I can definitely recommend Steffen von Bilanzmanufaktur in terms of business advice and wealth management!"

Christian S.